Friday, March 6, 2015 Martha Muir Forysth (1885-1975)

Martha Muir Forsyth was born on 26 March 1885 at 25 London Road in the Camlachie district of Glasgow. She was the second child of Robert and Elizabeth (Riddell) Forsyth. Her father worked as a carter at the time of her birth.

In 1891 Martha lived with her family on 165 Brook Street in the same district of Glasgow. In 1901 the family lived on 14 Margaret Street in the St. David district of Glasgow. Martha worked as a laundry girl.

In 1905 Martha gave birth to an illegitimate daughter she named Robina Forsyth. Four years later she married Alexander Paton at her home on 230 Holm Street in Glasgow according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Alexander was a journeyman upholsterer and Martha was not working at the time of her marriage.

In 1911 Alexander and Martha lived 10 Silvergrove Street in the Calton district of Glasgow. Martha's daughter Robina was not living with them, but they did have a 2-year-old daughter they called Lizzie. Alexander Paton died on 17 March 1915, leaving Martha a young widow.

She married James Sproull on 7 April 1916 at 47 Clarence Street in the Gorbals district of Glasgow according to the forms of the Original Secession Church. James Sproull was the brother of Martha's sister, Jane's husband -- two brothers married two sisters.

Martha and James had a son they named Robert Forsyth Sproull in 1919. James Sproull died in 1957; Martha lived another 18 years. She died at her home on Millburn Drive in Renfrew, Scotland, on 12 May 1975 of myocardial degeneration and cerebra-vascular accident. She was 90 years old.

Interestingly enough, the informant on Martha's death registration was T. Sproull, Son. He did not include Martha's first husband, Alexander Paton, on the registration, which is typically done in Scotland.

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