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2.3.5. Robert Forsyth (1860-1940)

Robert Forsyth was born on 13 February in Dumfries, Scotland, to William and Jane (McLean) Forsyth. His father was a journeyman tailor. The family moved to St. Michael by 1861 and ten years later were living in Ruthwell village. In 1881 Robert was a farm servant on a 307-acre farm in Cummertrees, Dumfries.

Robert and Elizabeth Riddell had a child together in December 1882 and a month later they married on 19 January 1883 at 19 London Road in Glasgow, which was their home. They were married according to the forms of the Congregationalists. Robert was a carter, his occupation until his death. The couple would have seven more children together.

Dumfries in 1867; image from History of Dumfries

In 1891 the couple lived at 165 Brook Street in the Camlachie district of Glasgow. In 1901 they lived at 14 Margaret Street in the St. David district of the city, and in 1911 they lived at 230 Holm Street in the Blythswood district.

Elizabeth died in 1926 and Robert Forsyth died on 2 April 1940 at the Foresthall Hospital, which was located on 654 Edgefauld Road, of cardio vascular degeneration. He was 80 years old. The hospital was on the site of the old Barnhill Poorhouse.

Aerial view of Foresthall Hospital c1960; photograph courtesy of
Heatherbank Museum of Social Work

"Aerial view of Foresthall Hospital c1960," Heatherbank Museum of Social Work
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