Wednesday, November 12, 2014 James Lively: Register of Corrected Entries

When an accidental death occurred in Scotland at the time of James Lively's fatal accident, further information about the death was collected and entered into a Register of Corrected Entries (RCE). Usually the RCE was more informative than the death registration, but in this case the description in the cause of death field on his death registration was pretty descriptive: "Run over by lorry causing fracture of left humerus, fracture of 9th, 4th, 10th ribs with emphysema of left lung produced by fracture of ribs -- 4 1/2 hours, as certified by W. Grant, MD"

 This is the RCE for James Lively:

Register of Corrected Entries about the death of James Lively on 24 June 1906; image courtesy of

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