Saturday, November 29, 2014 Nathaniel Thomson (1886-1919)

Nathaniel Thomson was born on 2 June 1886 at 30 Bairds Rows, Blantyre, to Thomas and Mary (Wright) Thomson. His mother registered his birth at the parish office by making her mark.

Bairds Rows were constructed in 1878 two years after Craighead Pit opened. The Rows were named Craighead Rows but locally were called Bairds Rows. They were built in three rows and the streets were not named, but each housing unit was numbered.

Aerial view of Bairds Rows; photograph courtesy of Britain from Above

When the 1891 census was enumerated the Thomson family was living at the same address. Ten years later the family was living at 17 Netherfield Place, Blantyre. Nathaniel was 14 years old and already working in the coal mines as a hewer with his father. Curiously, he was listed as Alexander Thomson on the census form. His mother died at the Combination Poorhouse in Hamilton in 1903.

In 1911 Nathaniel's father, Thomas, was a patient at the Lanark District Asylum, more familiarly known as the Hartwell Asylum. His infirmity was listed as imbecile. Nathaniel was boarding at the home of William and Mary Campbell at 37 Stonefield Road and working in the mines.

He married Henrietta Cassels Brodie on 11 October 1913 in Glasgow. He said both his parents were deceased. However, I have not found a death registration for his father during the relevant time period. In 1915 Nathaniel and Henrietta were renting a house on Springwell Place for 6 pounds a year.

Nathaniel died on 1 April 1919 of chronic bronchitis from which he had suffered for two years. He died at his home on 34 Dixon Street with his wife, Henrietta, present.

"Aerial View of Bairds Rows," Britain from Above
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