Sunday, November 16, 2014 Henrietta Paterson (1923-1980)

According to her granddaughter, Henrietta Paterson was born on 20 June 1923 to Alexander and Henrietta Cassels (Lively) Paterson. She was their youngest child. She married John Morrison in 1943 in Blantyre. The couple had four children. I was able to confirm the years in which these events took place on ScotlandsPeople. However, There is a 100-year privacy restriction for viewing actual birth registrations online; a 75-year restriction for marriage registrations; and a 60-year restriction for deaths. So I cannot yet provide specific dates or other details.

Her granddaughter stated that Henrietta had difficulties after each birth, suffering from strokes. She was unable to raise her youngest daughter, who went to live with her aunt, Marion Sneddon (Lively) Gibson.

Her granddaughter believed Henrietta (Patterson) Morrison died on 20 January 1980 in Carluke. However, I have not been able to find a confirming index entry on ScotlandsPeople.

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Scotland, Statutory Registrations Index, 1855-2014, 1923 Paterson, Henrietta (624/00 0283)
Scotland, Statutory Registrations Index, 1855-2014, 1943, Morrison, John - Paterson, Henrietta (624/00 0079)

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