Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Evangelical Union Church

Elizabeth Muir Brodie and James Lively were married according to the forms of the Evangelical Union Church. This was a religious denomination that originated when Rev. James Morison, minister of a United Secession congregation was suspended for certain views regarding faith, the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation, and the extent of the atonement. His views were considered to be anti-Calvinistic and heretical by the church.

Rev. Morison was suspended in 1841 the year after publishing a pamphlet entitled The Answer to the Question "What Must I Do to be Saved."

Title page of Rev. Morison's pamphlet; image courtesy of
Internet Archive

His father and two other ministers were also suspended for similar opinions. They met on 16 May 1843 and formed an association under the name of Evangelical Union. Over time they became more anti-Calvinistic and began attracting sympathizers from the Congregationalists of Scotland. By 1889 there were 93 Evangelical Union churches. In 1896 the denomination was incorporated with the Congregation Union of Scotland.

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