Saturday, November 15, 2014 Alexander Paterson (1886-1944)

Alexander Paterson was born on 16 June 1886 in Orchardhead, Blantyre, to John and Marion (Scoular) Paterson. Alexander's father worked as a pithead man in the local colliery. In 1891, he and his family were living in the Lyons Buildings on Hamilton Road in Blantyre; and 10 years later they were living in Hunthill in the same parish. Alexander was 14 years old and already working as a general laborer.

In 1911 Alexander was living with his family at 24 Hunthill Road and he was working as a pit man. He married Henrietta Cassels Lively the next year on 28 June 1912 at his home. They were married according to the forms of the Church of Scotland by C. Scrimgeour Turnbull. Henrietta Cassels Brodie and Nathaniel Thomson were witnesses. Henrietta Brodie was actually the bride's aunt but was three months younger. She and Nathaniel were married the next year.

According to a granddaughter, Alexander and Henrietta had three children.

Hunthill Road circa 1915; photograph courtesy of The Blantyre Project

Valuation rolls were kept by each parish, and were a survey of property. They were published annually on Whitsun (15 May in Scotland). Local council officials used the rolls to levy local rates for services like poor relief, education and public health. The 1915 valuation roll indicated Alexander Paterson was a miner and rented 29 Hunthill Road  in High Blantyre from James Malcolm for 5 pounds, 10 shillings yearly. He was paying the same amount in 1920.

On 12 April 1944 at about 2:45 a.m., while working at the No. 2 Blantyre Colliery as a machine man, Alexander Paterson, was buried by a fall of stone and dirt from the mine roof and died from asphyxiation. His widow, Henrietta Cassels (Lively) Paterson, died four years later.

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Hunthill Road circa 1915, The Blantyre Project
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Scotland, Statutory Registrations, 1855-2013, 1944 Paterson, Alexander (Statutory Deaths 624/00 0039) (RCE)

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