Saturday, November 22, 2014 Eleanor Potter (1898-1967)

Eleanor Potter's birth name was Eva Hood McPhail. She was born 26 February 1898 at the Govan Combination Poorhouse, which had been built at Merryflats about 25 years earlier. Her mother was Christina McPhail, a domestic servant who lived in the Pollockshields area of Glasgow. She was a single woman and Eva's father was not listed on her birth registration. I do not know how long mother and baby remained at the poorhouse.

By 1901 Eleanor had been adopted and was living with her new mother, Annie (Millar) Potter, and several of Annie's natural children at 16 Blantyre Street in the Anderston area of Glasgow. Annie was listed as a widow but I can find no record of her husband, Robert's, death. They were married in 1876. Eleanor was listed as Helena McPhail, adopted daughter, on the census form. Ten years later, she was still living with her adopted mother at 10 Anderston Street in Govan and was listed as Eleanor Potter, daughter. Her adopted brothers worked in the shipyards.

She married John McKillop on 7 June 1929 in Anderston District, Glasgow. They were married by William Simpson, the minister of the Finnieston United Free Church. John worked as a subway car driver and Eleanor was mistress of a subway station.

She and John McKillop had one known daughter, Eva McPhail McKillop, in 1932.

Eleanor (Potter) McKillop died in 1967 in Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland at the age of 69.

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