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2.2.2. William Brodie (c1849-1920) LJTD-3NY

William Brodie was born about 1849 in the county of Roxburgh, Scotland. According to the registration record of his marriage to Henrietta Cassels, his parents were William and Mary (Turnbull) Brodie. In 1851 he, his mother, and several siblings were living with his maternal grandmother, also named Mary Turnbull, in Linton.  His mother worked as an agricultural laborer as did his 64-year-old grandmother. It is likely his father, who was a shepherd, had died by 1851.

Ten years later, when William Brodie was 12 years of age, he lived with his mother and two brothers at Rames Tile Work in Berwickshire. He had joined his mother in agricultural work. In 1871, they were living in the village of Jardinefield in Whitsome Parish.

On 9 October 1874 William married Henrietta Cassels according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland in Blantyre Parish, Lanarkshire. They were married by the minister of the church, Rev. Robert MacDonald. William was a coal miner and lived in Blantyre at the time of his marriage to Henrietta.

Their first child and oldest daughter, Elizabeth Muir Brodie was born on 29 November 1874, a little more than a month after William and Henrietta were married. The couple was living in Causeystanes, Blantyre, at the time of Elizabeth's birth. Daughter, Mary Brodie, followed on 17 September 1876. By that time the family was living on Gardiner Place in Blantyre. William's third child and first son, James, was born on 15 December 1879 in Causeystanes.

On 3 April 1881 when the census was enumerated, the family was living at 20 Park Street, which was part of Dixon's Rows, a large housing complex operated by William Dixon Ltd., William Brodie's employer.  Another daughter, Martha, was born next on 8 September 1881. Their oldest son, James, died on 6 January 1882 of measles. He was 3 years old. A second son, William Brodie, was born on 2 April 1884.

Snippet of the 1897 British Ordnance Survey of Dixon's Rows; courtesy of

Some time after son,William's, birth the family moved to 9 Calder Street, another street within Dixon's Rows complex. I wonder if William and Henrietta thought their family was complete with four children -- two girls and two boys. But it was not. Eight years after William's birth their youngest child, a daughter, they named Henrietta Cassels Brodie was born on 17 July.

Then, on 4 December 1893, William's wife died.

William Brodie waited nearly a year to remarry but tied the knot with Mary Campbell, a 38-year-old "spinster," who lived with her parents in Dixon's Rows. They were married on 19 November 1894 in Hamilton by declaration in the presence of Francis and Isabella (Kerr) Irvine. William and Mary had six children together:
  • Mary Brodie born about 1896
  • Agnes Brodie born about 1897
  • Thomas Brodie born about 1901
  • Catherine Campbell Brodie born about 1903
  • William Brodie born about 1907
  • Alexander Brodie born about 1910
In 1901 the blended family was living at 15 Dixon Street in Blantyre. William and Henrietta, children by William's first wife were still living at home. Son, William, was working in the coal mines alongside his father, and Henrietta was still attending school.

Son, William, died on 17 April 1903 at home of cardiac debilitation. He was 19 years old.

On 23 November 1903 the miners employed at the Blantyre Collieries of William Dixon, Ltd., struck work for increased wages. One thousand men were affected. The strike did not seem to have a negative effect on William's employment with William Dixon, Ltd. He continued to rent an attached house from the company. In 1915 he paid 6 pounds, 3 shillings per year.

William Brodie continued to work as a coal miner and lived in Dixon Row's until his death on 19 October 1920 of nephritis at the age of 66. His second wife, Mary, survived him.

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