Sunday, November 16, 2014

Children of John and Henrietta (Paterson) Morrison

John Morrison and Henrietta Paterson had four children: John Morrison (1944- )

John Morrison was in 1944 likely in Blantyre or Bellshill. However, four babies named John Morrison were born in 1944 in those to parishes so I cannot be sure which one is the correct John Morrison. His daughter currently lives in England. Alexander Paterson Morrison (1946)

Alexander Paterson Morrison was born in 1946 in Blantyre. Elizabeth Morrison (1951- )

Elizabeth Brodie Morrison was born in 1951 in Blantyre. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, David and Marison Sneddon (Lively) Gibson, as her mother had a stroke after her birth. Norman Morrison (1915-1915)

Norman Morrison was born in 1955 in Bellshill. There is no death registration for him so I assume he died hours after birth. His niece indicated he died as an infant.

Scotland, Statutory Registrations Index, 1855-2014, 1946 Morrison, Alexander Paterson (Statutory Births 624/00 0339)
Scotland, Statutory Registrations Index, 1855-2014, 1951 Morrison, Elizabeth Brodie (Statutory Births 624/00 0221)
Scotland, Statutory Registrations Index, 1855-2014, 1955 Morrison, Norman (Statutory Births 625/03  0961)

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