Thursday, November 20, 2014 John McKillop (1868-1944)

John McKillop was born on 24 November 1868 at 77 Port Street in the Anderston District of Glasgow. It is on the north bank of the Clyde river and close to the great shipyards of the day. His parents were John and Annie (McRae) McKillop, and his father was a journeyman ship carpenter. By the time John was two years old, the family was living just up the road at 83 Port Street.

When John was 12 years old he was boarding with the Anderson family in Govan Parish, Lanarkshire. He was still attending school. The census record for 1881 is a bit confusing. The enumerator originally listed John as a grandson of John and Janet Anderson, but that was later lined through, and "boarder" added as John's relationship to the head of the household.

Ten years later he was living with his parents again on 12 Hyndland Street and was working as an apprentice carpenter. He married Mary Brodie on 8 April 1898 according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. They were married at 214 Castlebank Street, which is in an area of Glasgow near the Clyde river, but has been totally redeveloped. At the time of their marriage John was working as a timber carter and Mary was a dairy maid.

John and Mary had a son, also named John McKillop, on 17 July 1898, but by 1901 the family had left the Glasgow environs and were living in Mary's home town of Blantyre at 15 Park Street in Dixon's Rows. John was hewing coal for a living. I do not think mining agreed with him, however, as he was back to carting work ten years later.

In 1911, the family lived in Govan Parish and John worked as a coal carter. His father had died in 1907 and by 1915 John and Mary (Brodie) McKillop were renting his parents old home at 12 Hyndland Street for 8 pounds and 15 shillings. Five years later they paid 11 pounds annual rent for the same address. Govan Parish was annexed by Glasgow in 1912.

Current day housing on Netherton Road, Glasgow; photograph courtesy of
Google Maps

John McKillop died three months after his wife, Mary, on 6 May 1944 of senile myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall. It was apparently due to natural aging. He died in Southern General Hospital, but had been living with his son at 308 Netherton Road before his death. He was a retired removal contractor.

"Current Day Housing on Netherton Road, Glasgow," Google Maps
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