Friday, November 14, 2014 Henrietta Cassels Lively (1892-1948)

Henrietta Cassels Lively was James and Elizabeth Muir (Brodie) Lively's eldest child and only daughter. She was born on 12 April 1892 in her parents home at 5 Park Street in Dixon's Rows, Blantyre. Her family called her "Nettie." When the 1901 census was enumerated on the last day of March, she was a patient at the Isolation Hospital, which was part of the Middle Ward Hospital in Dalziel Parish. I have not found her in the 1911 census.

Middle Ward Hospital in Dalziel Parish from the 1896 British Ordnance
Survey; courtesy of ScotlandsPlaces

She lost her brother, James Lively, in early 1894 though she may not have been old enough at the time to remember him. Her father lost his life in an accident on Glasgow Road in 1906 and in 1910 her mother died of tuberculosis, leaving Henrietta and her brothers orphans. Her youngest brother, William, had been conscripted into the British Army likely during 1916 and was killed in action in 1918. Hers was a life filled with tragedy and more was to follow when her husband was killed in a mine accident in 1944.

On 28 June 1912, at the age of 20, Henrietta married Alexander Paterson. They both listed 24 Hunthill Road, Blantyre, as their place of residence. Henrietta worked in a firewood factory and Alexander was a coal miner.

In April 1919 Henrietta received a little over 4 pounds from the British Army. It was a distribution of the effects of her brother, William, who was killed in action during World War I.

We know that by 1923 the United Kingdom had established a firewood factory for the employment of tuberculous ex-service men, which offered remunerative employment for unskilled labor. Perhaps, such factories were also set up in Scotland and this was where Henrietta was working at the time of her marriage.

According to a granddaughter the couple had three children. They had their eldest child five months after their marriage.

Henrietta Cassels (Lively) Paterson died at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride on 11 July 1948 at the age of 58. The cause of death was chronic cholecystitis, biliary calculi, suppurative cholangitis, which are the medical terms for issues with the gall bladder. She had been a widow for four years and lived at 73 Broompark Road in High Blantyre before her death.

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