Wednesday, November 12, 2014 James Lively (1867-1906)

James Lively was born on 6 August 1867 in Old Monkland Parish, Lanarkshire, to James and Marion (Sneddon) Lively. His father died on 15 January 1871 and four months later James, his mother and siblings were enumerated in the census visiting at the home of John Gray. A Patrick Lively was a lodger at Mr. Gray's home so I assume they were visiting Patrick, but his relationship to the family is unknown to me.

By 1881 Marion Lively had moved her family to Blantyre Parish and used her maiden name when the census was taken on the night of 3 April. James Lively is 13 years old and already working full-time in the coal mines. Ten years later, Marion Lively and her children had moved 15 Park Street in Dixon's Rows, Blantyre. Curiously, she had reverted back to her married surname.

On 31 December 1891 James Lively married Elizabeth Muir Brodie in the village of Stonefield according to the forms of the Evangelical Union Church. Their first child, daughter, Henrietta Cassels Lively arrived on 12 April 1892. She was born at the family home in Dixon's Rows, which was located at 5 Park Street. Their son, James Lively, arrived the next year on 21 November 1893. He was  also born at the Park Street address. Little James died at the tender age of 3 months on 26 February 1894 of inflammation of the larynx and lung congestion.

About that time the Blantyre Parish valuation rolls were updated. They indicated James Lively rented the 5 Park Street row house from William Dixon, Ltd., his employer, for 3 pounds and 5 shillings a year.

On 12 August 1896 James and Elizabeth had a second son they also named James. Three years later William Lively was born 24 March 1899. By this time the family was living at 30 Park Street. Over the next few years the family lived at several addresses on Park Street. Some time before 1906 the family moved to 114 Barkdyes Road.

Glasgow Road in 1910; photograph courtesy of The Blantyre Project

In the late hours of 23 June 1906, James Lively was on Glasgow Road and was accidentally knocked down by two horses attached to a lorry. He suffered severe injuries, including several rib fractures and emphysema of the left lung, which was caused by the broken ribs. He was taken to his home on Bardykes Road and died 5 hours later at 2:00 a.m. on 24 June.

His wife, Elizabeth, was left a widow at the age of 31 with three children to raise.

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