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Children of Robert and Margaret (Muir) Caswell

For two of the children of Robert and Margaret (Muir) Caswell, the only evidence I have of their existence is the genealogy notebook kept by my grandmather, Alice (Muir) Jennings. She worked on her family's history with her first cousin, Roberta Irene (Caswell) Fullerton, a daughter of Robert and Margaret Caswell; so I believe it is mostly accurate.

Page 15 of the genealogy notebook of Alice (Muir) Jennings;
personal collection Clifton Thurlo Caswell (1903-1903)

The only evidence I have of the existence of Clifton Thurlo Caswell is my grandmother's genealogy notebook. It indicated Clifton was born on 5 June 1903 and died on 23 September 1903. Roberta Irene Caswell (1905-1971)

The lives of Roberta Irene Caswell and her husband, William Thomas Fullerton, will be covered in future posts. Margaret Caswell (1907-1992)

The lives of Margaret Caswell and her husbands, 1) Mr. McLaughlin and 2) Harold A. Sivesind, will be covered in future posts. Elizabeth Caswell (1914-1995)

The lives of Elizabeth Caswell and her husband, Arthur Edwin Jenks, will be covered in future posts. Daisy Ellen Caswell (1916-1996)

The lives of Daisy Ellen Caswell and her husband, Charles Edgar Taylor, will be covered in future posts. Robert Caswell, Jr. (1922-1922)

Robert Caswell, Jr. was born on 27 February in Novinger, Missouri, to Robert Caswell and Margaret Muir. He was their sixth known child.  He was born prematurely and lived only eight hours. His tiny body was interred at Novinger Cemetery in Novinger.

According to my grandmother's genealogy notebook, his name was Robert Duane Caswell and he was born a year earlier, but the death certificate does not include a middle name and clearly indicated 27 February as the date of death. John Caswell (after 1922-after 1922)

The only evidence I have for the existence of John Caswell is the genealogy notebook of Alice (Muir) Jennings, my grandmother. She indicated John died stillborn on 3 May 1922 but this cannot be possible based on the death certificate of Robert Caswell, Jr. Therefore, I believe it occurred in 1923 or later. The State of Missouri began requiring death certificates in 1910 so there should be one for John Caswell, but I have been unable to find it. It is entirely possible he died after the family moved to Danville, Illinois, between 1922 and 1928.

Alice (Muir) Jennings Genealogy Notebook, page 15
Global, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current, Memorial No. 105921656
US, Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1964, File No. 3605

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