Thursday, January 1, 2015

Children of John and Susan (Dundas) Findlay Charles Findlay (1919-1960)

The lives of Charles Findlay and his wife, Christina Johnstone Ramsay, will be covered in future posts. John Riddell Findlay (1921-1993)

The lives of John Riddell Findlay and his wife, Edith May Gertrude Aird, will be covered in future posts. Henrietta Riddell Findlay (1923-1946)

Henrietta Riddell Findlay was born on 24 November 1923 at the County Hospital in Bellshill, East Kilbride Parish. Henrietta died on 1 July 1946 at 8 Kirkton Park in East Kilbride of congenital heart disease, pleurisy and cerebral abscesses. She was 22 years old at the time of her death. Jessie Dundas Findlay (1926-2012)

The lives of Jessie Dundas Findlay and her husband, Thomas Williams Mobbatt will be covered in future posts.

Scotland, Statutory Registrations, 1855-2013, 1946 Findlay, Henrietta Ridde (Statutory Deaths 643/00 0109)
Scotland, Statutory Registrations, 1855-2013, Extract of an entry from the Register of Births in Scotland 6491490 CE

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