Friday, January 2, 2015 Charles Findlay (1919- )

Charles Findlay was born on 28 April 1919 in East Kilbride Parish to John and Susan (Dundas) Findlay. He was their oldest child.

When Charles was 27 years old, he married Christina Johnstone Ramsay on 19 April 1947. They were married according to the forms of the Church of Scotland at the AC West Church in East Kilbride. Charles was a stock recorder and Christina was a 20-year-old shorthand typist.

In 1955 they had their only known child, Joan Rita Findlay. Three years later, the family immigrated to New Zealand. They left Glasgow aboard the Ministry of Transport's S/S Captain Cook, a ship with a rich history. Their address before they left Scotland was 10 Beauclerg Street, Alva, Clackmannanshire, a small town in the Ochil Hills of the central lowlands. John had worked as a buyer.

They settled in Riccarton, Canterbury, New Zealand, as a Charles and Christina Johnstone Findlay appear on the electoral rolls for that year. They lived at 84 Division Street. Riccarton is a suburb of Christchurch.

Charles' family were just three people in a sea of more than 100,000 who immigrated to New Zealand between 1947 and 1975 from Great Britain. These immigrants were nicknamed "Ten Pound Poms" in reference to the price of their passage.

A cousin of Christina Johnstone (Ramsay) Findlay indicates Charles died in 1972.

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