Saturday, January 17, 2015

Annie (Cowie) Riddell: Canada Ocean Arrivals Form

This is the document that started all the questions I have about Annie (Cowie) Riddell. Why was she living in Belfast? Was her husband, Oswald, living with her? Why did she immigrate to Canada without him? Was the break up of her son's marriage the reason?

Canada Ocean Arrivals form for Annie (Cowie) Riddell


  1. Hi Schalene-- I know that I had a great-aunt who immigrated to the U.S. seven YEARS after her husband did! I know that many immigrants could not all afford to come at once-- they had to have one come over, find work, and send money back to bring other family members over. There are other possibilities, of course...

    1. Karen, thanks for the suggestions. I have similar situations in my family as well. However, I have been unable to find passenger manifests for Annie's husband. In addition between the census and valuation rolls it is likely he never left Scotland.