Monday, January 26, 2015 Henrietta Riddell (1889-unknown)

Henrietta Riddell was born on 5 July 1889 at 48 Muiryfell Street in Coatbridge, Scotland. She was the fourth child of Oswald Dykes and Annie (Cowie) Riddell. In 1891 Henrietta lived with her parents and siblings at 48 St. John Street in Old Monkland. In 1901 she was a patient at the Fever Hospital in Coatbridge, which had been erected on the site of the Old Monkland Poorhouse.

By 1911 Henrietta was back living with her parents and siblings again at 5 Academy Street in Coatbridge. She worked as a waitress in her parents restaurant.

Six years later, at the age of 27, Henrietta married her first cousin, Oswald Dykes Riddell Dick, who coincidentally was named after her father. He was a 28-year-old, widower with four children ranging in age from 11 to 5 years old and lived at 56 Balfour Street in Glasgow. The couple married on 17 Feb 1917 by declaration and in the presence of two witnesses, Hector McIntosh and Hugh McNaught. Oswald lived in Glasgow and was an oil pump man. Henrietta lived with her parents at 5 Academy Street in Coatbridge.

On 21 July 1918, Oswald Dykes Riddell Dick was killed in action in France. Henrietta received a little over 13 pounds from the British Army on 5 November 1918 and another 4 pounds on 12 February 1920. These payments were distribution of Oswald's effects and a war gratuity.

Henrietta married John Rennie on 31 December 1919. They were married at Monkland View in Airdrie according to the forms of the United Free Church of Scotland. John was a 33-year-old bachelor, who worked as a pump man at a tube works. The couple both lived in Coatbridge at the time of their marriage.

On 30 Apr 1927 the couple boarded the White Star Line's RMS Regina in Greenock, Scotland, to immigrate to Canada. They traveled on a prepaid third class ticket and arrived in in Quebec City on 7 May. Their destination was 2762 St. Catherine Street, Montreal, the home of Henrietta's mother, Annie (Cowie) Riddell. They arrived in Quebec the day before Henrietta's sister, Mary Adams (Riddell) Dalziell and her family, who traveled on the Canadian Pacific's S/S Metagama.

White Star Line's S/S Regina; postcard image courtesy of Titanic and other
White Star Ships

Accompanying John and Henrietta was an adopted son named Samuel Dunn.

In 1957 John and Henrietta (Riddell) Rennie were living at 523 Rue Ville-Marie in Montreal. That is the last information I can definitively tie to the Rennie family.

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