Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Susan Dundas (1894-1994)

Susan Dundas was born on 3 August 1894 at 5 Garngad Road in Glasgow to John Dundas and Ellen (Miller) McLachlan, who was a widow. Her parents were not married at the time of Susan's birth. Her birth was later re-registered in the District of Proven on 2 March 1948 for some unknown reason.

In 1901 Susan was living with her uncle and his wife, Daniel and Catherine Dundas, at 89 Carrick Street in Glasgow. They had no children of their own at the time. When the 1911 census was enumerated, Susan was a working as a servant for Mrs. Mary R. F. Smith, who lived at Springfield House in Rosemarsh, Dumbartonshire.

Sometime before 1918, Susan made her way to East Kilbride Parish and at the time of her marriage was working as a domestic servant. She married John Findlay, a water committee employee and Private in the Highland Light Infantry, on 8 June 1918 at the Manse in East Kilbride, according to the forms of the Church of Scotland.

She and John had four known children.

On 4 September 1950, Susan and her youngest daughter, Jessie Dundas Findlay boarded the Donaldson Line's S/S Lismoria in Glasgow. They arrived in Montreal on 12 September. When they crossed the border of the United States, they indicated their destination was 4540 -- 34th Street, San Diego. Susan and John Findlay's son, John Riddell Findlay, had immigrated to Canada in 1944 and was living in British Columba at the time of their trip. Perhaps they met him and his family for a vacation?

Donaldson Line's S/S Lismoria

Susan and her daughter returned to Montreal and boarded the Donaldson Line's S/S Laurentia in October. They traveled first class and arrived in Glasgow on 16 October 1950. The family lived at 8 Kirkton Park in East Kilbride at the time of the trip.

John died in 1972 and Susan died on 8 February 1994, a few months before her 100th birthday. She had been living with a daughter and son-in-law, Thomas and Jessie (Findlay) Mabbott, at 6 Kirkliston Road in South Queensferry before her death.  However, she died at 14 Muirhouse Parkway in Edinburgh, which is now the site of Silverlea, a residential elder care facility. Susan (Dundas) Findlay died of congestive cardiac failure.

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