Saturday, January 24, 2015 Robert James Dalziell (1920 - )

Robert James Dalziell was born on 14 September 1920 at his maternal grandparents place in Coatbridge. He was the youngest child of Robert James and Mary Adams (Riddell) Dalziell. At the age of 6, he immigrated to Canada with his parents and two older brothers, joining his sisters, who had immigrated the year, at the home of his maternal grandmother.

In 1945 Robert was in the Air Force and living with his parents at 164 Hillsdale Avenue in Westmount, Quebec.

According a Dalziel (or Dalziell or Dalzell) cousin, Robert married Vivian Walker and had three children. In 1972 Robert Dalzell lived at 1741 Southmount Avenue in St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada. Living with him at that address was his wife, Vivian, three children, and his father-in-law, Roy Walker. Robert James Dalzell worked as a salesman.

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