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2.3.3. Ann Cowie (1857-unknown)

Ann Cowie was born on 4 February 1857 in New Monkland Parish, Scotland. Her parents were William and Mary (Adams) Cowie. Her father was a coal miner. When the 1861 census was enumerated, the family was still living in New Monkland and consisted of four daughters.

By 1871 Annie was living and working in the home of John and Janet Danation as a general servant. Mr. Danation was an underground manager at a colliery in New Monkland. When the 1881 census was enumerated, Annie had moved to East Kilbride Parish and worked as a dairy maid on a farm managed by William King. Her younger sister also lived with the Kings and worked in their home as a servant.

On 26 January 1883 Annie Cowie married Oswald Dykes Riddell in Airdrie, Lanarkshire. Before her marriage she had moved back to New Monkland and was working as a domestic servant. By the time of the census in 1891 Oswald and Annie had four daughters and lived at 48 John Street in Old Monkland where Oswald worked as a coachman and domestic servant.

Ten years later the family consisted of seven living children -- six girls and one boy -- and they lived at 18 Baird Street in Old Monkland. Oswald was still a coachman.

In 1911 Oswald had changed careers and he and his wife were restaurant keepers. Several of their children worked at the restaurant with them. The family lived at 5 Academy Street in Coatbridge. Four years later, Oswald owned several pieces of property near the Hollandhurst and Gartsherrie area in Old Monkland. He is the first descendant of Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir to become a property owner.

Oswald and Annie's daughter, also named Annie, immigrated to Canada in 1913. She returned in 1920 for a visit. Perhaps she came back for her sister's wedding? Isabella Cowie Riddell married James Davidson Forman in 1920 in Belfast. At the time her mother was living at 10 Parkend Street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have no evidence that Oswald Dykes Riddell was living with his wife. Their son John also lived at the Parkend Street address in 1923.

On 10 May 1924 Annie (Cowie) Riddell boarded the White Star Line's RMS Regina in Belfast and sailed for Canada. She was in the linen business and lived at 30 Raby Street at the time of her immigration. She traded with Nell Carnduff or White, 23, and her 3-year-old grandson, David Forsyth Riddell. She arrived in Quebec on 18 May and indicated to Canadian authorities she was married and intended to settle permanently in Canada. Her stated destination was the home of her daughter, a Mrs. Lindsay, who lived at 84 Terrace View in Montreal. It is possible that daughter, Annie, had married by this time. She is the only child known to be in Canada.

White Star Line's RMS Regina; image courtesy of Titantic and Other
White Star Line Ships

In 1927 Oswald and Annie's oldest daughter, husband and children immigrated to Canada and joined their mother. And in 1928 her daughter Henrietta and her family joined other family members at Annie (Cowie) Riddell's house on 2762 St. Catherine Street in Montreal. Son John and immigrated in 1923, the year before his mother.

Of Oswald and Annie's seven children, five immigrated to Canada, one remained in Scotland, and one disappeared from the records after 1911. Oswald's death registration indicated he was a widower when he died in 1935. No death date has been located for his wife. And the mystery of their marriage remains. What happened to it?

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