Sunday, January 25, 2015 Robertha Riddell (1915- )

We know very little about Robertha Riddell who has been listed in various records as Robertha Riddell, Roberta Alexander, or Robertha A. Riddell Alexander.

She was always listed on the records as the daughter of Annie Riddell, who had immigrated to Montreal in 1913. Robertha was born about 1915 in the Quebec province of Canada.

On 24 May 1920 she and her mother arrived in Liverpool, England, aboard the Canadian Pacific Line's S/S Melita. Their destination was Belfast, Ireland, where Robertha's grandmother lived at 10 Parkend Street. While there Robertha probably met her aunt, Isabella Cowie Riddell, who married during the time of Robertha's visit, and her uncle, John Riddell.

Robertha and her mother returned to Canada on 24 March 1921 aboard the Allan Line's S/S Pretorian. When the 1921 Canadian census was taken, Robertha and her mother were lodging with the Campbell McAlpine family at 570 St. Catherine Street in Montreal. The census document indicated her father had been born in Scotland.

Allan Line's S/S Pretorian; image courtesy of Gjenvick-Gjonik Archives

This is the last trace I have been able to find of Robertha Riddell or Alexander.

1921 Canada Census, Riddell, Robertha, 570 St Catherine St
Canada, Passenger Lists 1865-1935, 1921 Alexander, Roberta
UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960, 1920 Alexander, Robertha

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