Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Writing a Book about the Descendants of Robert Muir (c1800-1869)

I am writing a book about the descendants of Robert Muir (c1800-1869), my great great great grandfather. He married Henrietta Brown (died bef 1856) in Avondale, Lanarkshire in 1828 and they had 13 known children:
  • William Muir (c1826-unknown)
  • Elizabeth Muir (c1829-1863) married Matthew Cassels
  • Martha Muir (1830-1876) married John Riddell
  • Jean Muir (1834-bef 1837)
  • Henrietta Muir (1836-bef 1841)
  • Jean Muir (1837-1856)
  • Robert Orr Muir (1839-1917) married 1) Jane Paton Loudon and 2) Mary Watson Shaw
  • Henrietta Muir (1841-1929) married James Williamson and immigrated to Australia
  • Thomas Muir (1842-1901) married 1) Janet Sorbie and 2) Isabella Moore
  • James Muir (1844-bef 1848) 
  • John Muir (1846-1923) married Lilias Weir
  • James Muir (1848-1926) married 1) Margaret Semple and immigrated to USA and 2) Margaret (McIntosh) Greenbank
  • Nathaniel Muir (c1850-1923) married 1) Janet Shaw and 2) Christina Ure
This volume, Volume II, is about the descendants of Martha Muir and her husband, John Riddell.

If you are a descendant of any of these people and would like to contribute stories, photos, or memories of your ancestors, I would love to include them in the book. The book will be free and will be available for download in PDF format from this website.

Simply comment below or use the comment form to the right, and I will be in contact with more information. Or contact me through my public Facebook genealogy page: Tangled Roots and Trees.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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