Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Volume II Introduction

The descendants of Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir's second daughter, Martha Muir, and her husband, John Riddell, encompass 253 known ancestors across five generations. They scattered throughout lowland Scotland, leading lives in increasingly industrialized times. Some emigrated, settling in Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Several became property owners in their native Scotland or adopted countries. By in large Martha (Muir) Riddell's descendants worked with their hands either underground, out of doors, or in large factories and shipyards. They experienced great sadness and I am sure great joy.

They buried children before their time; committed suicide when life seemed unbearable; died of barbiturate poisoning (a drug overdose in 1950?); and AIDS before the dreadful disease pricked the conscious of Western cultures. They worked in hazardous occupations sometimes paying with their lives. But many were willing to take risks and face the vast unknown in search of "better conditions." They married, stayed married through thick and thin and raised large families. This is their tale.

If you are related to anyone mentioned in this volume, please contact me using the contact form located here: http://robertmuirfamily.blogspot.com. I would love to include your family memories, stories, or photographs in this volume.

I hope you enjoy reading about our shared ancestors, the descendants of John and Martha (Muir) Riddell!

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