Friday, December 12, 2014 Charles Findlay (1889-1951)

Charles Findlay was born on 27 February 1889 in the village of Kirkton, East Kilbride. He was the oldest child of Charles and Henrietta (Riddell) Findlay. His mother died in 1904; and when the 1911 census was enumerated, he was a boarder in the home of Joseph and Christina Robson at 51 Pollack Street in Hamilton. The home had two rooms with one or windows and that living space was shared by ten people. Charles worked as a colliery carter.

Three months later, Charles married Isabella Laird Muir. She was a 19-year-old domestic servant and lived with her stepfather, mother, and half-siblings at 293 Glasgow Road in Blantyre. Charles and Isabella were married in her home according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland.

After their marriage, they lived at 9 George Street in Hamilton where their first son, yes, another Charles Findlay, was born. By the time their daughter, Christina, was born, they lived at Burnside Cottage in Springwell, Blantyre Parish. Charles Findlay lived there until his death.

By the time his daughter, Isabella, was born in 1918, Charles had been drafted into the British Army. He served as a private in the 5th (R) Battalion, Highland Light Infantry.

Isabella (Muir) Findlay died in 1921, leaving Charles with five children under nine years old. He married Martha Walker, a 21-year-old woman, who lived at 17 Netherfield Place. Her father was a coal miner. They married according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland at the church manse in Stonefield. Charles and Martha had one daughter, Mary Parker Findlay in 1925. Martha, his second  wife, died in 1926. Charles never remarried.

Old Parish Church Manse circa 1970; photograph courtesy of ScotlandsPlaces

Charles died at home on 18 January 1951 of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 61 years old.

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