Sunday, December 28, 2014 Charles Findlay Cherrie (1926-2006)

Charles Findlay Cherrie was born on 19 March 1926 at his parents home at 55 Hunthill Road in Blantyre Parish. He was the second son of William McMurdo and Mary (Findlay) Cherrie.

His father killed himself when Charles was 13 years old and his older brother died of leukemia in 1956.

Charles married Marie Josephine McDonald in 1957 in the Kelvin area of Glasgow. They had one known son, Charles Ian Cherrie, in 1960.

Sometime after their son's birth, the family moved to England. Charles Findlay Cherrie died in April 2006 at Torbay in Devonshire, England. Torbay is called the English Riveria and is a retirement mecca.

Coastline of Torbay; photograph courtesy of LAL Language Centres

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