Saturday, December 13, 2014

Military Service Act of 1916

Poster published by Parliamentary Recruiting Office; image copyrighted
by the Imperial War Museum

The Military Service Act, 1916, applies to unmarried men, who on August 15th, 1915, were 18 years of age or over and who will not be 41 years of age on March 2nd, 1916. All men (not excepted or exempted), between the above ages who, on November 2nd, 1915, were unmarried or widowers without any child dependent on them will, on Thursday, March 2nd, 1916 be deemed to be enlisted for the period of the war. They will be placed in the Reserve until called up in their class.

Men excepted: Soldiers, including Territorials who have volunteered for foreign service; men serving in the Navy or Royal Marines; men discharged from Army or Navy, disabled or ill, or time-expired men; men rejected for the Army since August 14th, 1915; clergymen, priests and ministers of religion; visitors from the dominions. Men who may be exempted by local tribunals: Men more useful to the Nation in their present employments; men in whose case military service would cause serious hardship owing to exceptional financial or business obligations or domestic position; men who are ill or infirm; men who conscientiously objet to combatant service. If the tribunal thinks fit, men may, on this ground, be (a) exempted from combatant service only (not non-combatant service), or (b) exempted on condition that they are engaged in work of National importance. Up to March 2nd, a man can apply to his local tribunal for a certificate of exemption. There is a right of appeal. He will not be called up until his case has been dealt with finally. Certificates of exemption may be absolute, conditional or temporary. Such certificates can be renewed, varied or withdrawn. Men retain their civil rights until called up and are amenable to civil courts only.

Do not wait until March 2nd. Enlist voluntarily now. For fuller particulars of the Act, please apply for Leaflet No. 64 to the nearest Post Office, Police Station, or Recruiting Office.

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