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2.3.1. Helen Bain (1849-unknown)

Helen Bain was born on 6 August 1849 in the village of Doune, Kilmadock Parish, Perth, Scotland, to David and Margaret (McLean) Bain. David was a journeyman mason. In 1851 Helen was the youngest of three children. In 1861, Helen and her brother James were boarders in the home of Daniel and Janet Ferguson, who lived in the village of Doune. Daniel Ferguson was an umbrella maker.

I have been unable to find anyone in the Bain family in 1861 Scotland census. Helen Bain somehow made her way about 40 miles south to East Kilbride where she likely met John Riddell. They were married on 27 November 1874 in the village of Kirkton in East Kilbride parish. Helen had six children between 1875 and 1881. Only three lived past infancy.

Before 1885 the family moved to Cambulang parish and in 1891 were living at Vicarfield Terrace in the village of Cambuslang.  Helen's husband, John Riddell was a laborer in a steel works.  He died six years later in 1897 of tuberculosis.

In 1901 Helen (Bain) Riddell was living in the village of Bishopbriggs in Cadder parish, Lanarkshire. She and her two sons, John and Robert lived in a house with two rooms with one or more windows. Living with them was Helen's 5-year-old granddaughter, Ellen. The census form indicated Ellen had been born in Springburn parish, but no record of her birth or who her parents are has been found.  John and Robert were working as coal miners at the time the census was enumerated.

No other trace of Helen, sometimes known as Ellen (Bain) Riddell has been located in the available documents.

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