Saturday, April 11, 2015 Jane Connel Marshall (1905-1976)

Jane Connel Marrshall was born on 16 October 1905 at 25 Mitchell Street in the parish of Crieff to William and Mary (Jack) Marshall. Her father was a mason. Jane went by the nickname Jean for much of her life. By 1911 the family had moved back to William Marshsall's hometown of Auchterarder in the County of Perth. They lived at 2 Yews.

Town of Auchterarder; map courtesy of ScotlandsPlaces

Jane married John Riddell on 20 July 1895 in Auchterarder according to the forms of the United Free Church of Scotland. She was 20 years old, ten years her husband's junior, lived on  50 Townhead Street, the main road that ran through the town, and worked as a shop assistant.  It is not known if the couple had children.

Jane Connel (Marshall) Riddell died in 1976 in Auchterarder.

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