Sunday, June 7, 2015

Troy, Illinois

Troy, Illinois, is located in Madison County. It's less than 30 minutes by car northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. The city was founded in 1819, the year after Illinois became a state.

History of Troy, Illinois, from the Centennial History of Madison
County: Vol. 1,
 published in 1912

A DNA match with a descendant of the younger brother of James, Harry and John Riggin proves Ida Mae Riggin is related to the same Riggin family. I just do not know how at this time. James, Harry and John's father was Rev. James Riggin (1756-1826). He was the great great grandson of Teague Riggin, who may have been related to Irish royalty but fought on the losing side of the Civil War of 1641-1652 in which Oliver Cromwell prevailed in putting down the rebellion. Irish soldiers were allowed to move from Ireland and join foreign armies. Wives of Irish soldiers and children over 10 years of age were sent as slaves to Virginia or the West Indies. The remaining population was required to move west of the Shannon river. Whether this was the reason Teague came to the American colonies or not, he was in Virginia by the 1650s and moved to Somerset County, Maryland,  after his marriage. He and his descendants became prosperous plantation owners until the Revolutionary War destroyed the planter economy.

'Troy,' Centennial History of Madison County, Volume I

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