Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Miles David Blankenship (1941-2004)

Miles David Blankenship was born on 4 May 1941 to Miles Henry and Mary Inez (Muir) Blankenshkp. He was the oldest of four children. In 1944 his father served in the U.S. Navy in Europe. Some time after 1946 Miles' mother left his father and split up the chldren, leaving one son with her mother, the youngest with her husband, and the two older boys -- Miles David and Jearl Lee -- with her.

Miles married Clara Peddicord on 31 October 1959 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was his first marriage. The couple separated in 1968 and Clara was granted a divorce decrees for cruelty and desertion on 3 September 1969. The couple had no children.

On 18 October 1974 Miles David married Theda Marie Seagle, daughter of Edgar Lee and Roma Ellen (Moreland) Seagle, in Franklin County, Ohio. He had been married once previously and Theda had not. Both were residents of Franklin County. The marriage was dissolved less than two years later and the couple had no children.

On 29 August 1977 Miles David married Harriet Naomi (Hott) Gillilan Johnson, daughter of Carl Willis and Harriet Ester Hott in Buchanan County, Virginia. Both had been twice previously. At the time of their marriage Miles David lived at 643 South Wayne Street in Columbus, Ohio, and Harriet lived in Groveport, Ohio. They were divorced on 25 May 1978 in Franklin County, Ohio. Harriet was granted the divorce for gross neglect of duty.

On 16 June 1979 Miles David married Rose Marie (Peterson) Murray in Franklin County. It was his fourth marriage and her first. They were both residents of Franklin County. Rose died in 1987.

In 1993 Miles David lived at 176 Frebis Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. This was the address of his mother, Mary Inez Muir, and her husband Eugene Guy Gribble, who died that same year.

Miles David Blankenship died on 31 May 2004 at his home in Columbus, Ohio. He was interred at Franklin Hills Memory Gardens in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

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