Thursday, June 18, 2015

Children of Henry "Jack" Muir and His Wives

Henry "Jack" Muir eight or nine known children by different wives and partners. However, I do not know how one of them, Ellen Davis, tie into the family. If anyone knows anything about these her,  please contact me using the contact form on the Robert Muir Family blog, Mary Inez Muir(1922-2002)

The lives of Mary Inez Muir and her known husbands, Miles H. Blankenship, Hubert C. Lemaster, Eugene Guy Gribble, a man named Hicks, and William T. Moore, will be covered in future posts. Richard Marvin Muir (1930-1939)

Richard Marvin Muir was born on 13 December 1930 in Louisiana. He was Henry "Jack" Muir's second child, and first with Henry's second wife, Armitar (Alleman) Muir. Richard died on 13 September 1939 in Rayne, Louisiana, of tetanus. He had been treated by a doctor for the illness since 5 September. I do not know where he was interred. Henry James Muir, Jr. (1932-2000)

The lives Henry James Muir, Jr., and his partners will be covered in future posts. Alexander A. Muir (1934-1998)

The lives of Alexander A. Muir and his wife, Loretta Mae Jacobs, will be covered in future posts. Barbara Jean Muir (1935-1999)

The lives of Barbara Jean Muir and her husbands, Isaac Junior Conrad, a man named Barbazan, Ray Emile Nehlig, Sr., and Dallas Bourque, will be covered in future posts. William Bobby or Bobbie Muir (1939-unknown)

William Bobbie Muir was born about 1939 in Louisiana . He was Henry "Jack" Muir's sixth child and fifth with Henry's second wife, Armitar (Alleman) Muir. According to one of his nieces, he had a job which required him to travel around the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Supposedly, he was married a few times, or had a few partners, and left several children behind. I have heard many stories from his nieces and nephews about his life but can find no records which may confirm any details.

School photograph of William Bobby Muir; personal collection of Abby Muir Shirley Mae Muir (1944-2000)

The lives of Shirley Mae Muir and her known husbands or partners, a man named Billiot and Julio Baltierra, will be covered in future posts. Trudy Muir (1953-2015)

The lives of Trudy Muir and her only known husband, Harold T. Word, will be covered in future posts.

1940, US Federal Census, Census Place: Rayne, Acadia, Louisiana; Roll: T627_1377; Page: 23B; Enumeration District: 1-1
Alice (Muir) Jennings' Genealogy Notebook, page 9
US, Louisiana, Death Certificate, 1939, No. 11081


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  2. I dont think bobbys birthday was the same as henry james. I would remember that but henry james muir was born 12/13. Last I recall of bobby was he lived in diamondhead Mississippi and a woman named Barbara im almost certain they was married. Barbara died of a brain anurisum. This was somewhere around 1992. I heard bobby moved out west. He did have a daughter I remember. Trudy was in Maryville Tennessee 20 years ago

  3. I was told as a child carol was my aunt and I always thought she was henry james sister.

  4. Carol Swafford was Eppie's daughter, Trudy's half sister, although papa raised her she was not his biological child. She is living in Maryville TN. My mom Trudy was married twice, once to Ray Huffman Jr. , (deceased) then to my real father Harold Word on March 23,1993.

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  7. Just found information on aunt carol, she was born on Feb. 16, 1949 to Issac Swafford and Eppie Swan in Sherveport Louisiana.
    She has 2 children, Paul David Conrad and Sharon Conrad.