Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photographs of Robert Muir

Left to right: Robert Muir; his sister, Janie (Muir) Beck; and Janie's son, John Wesley
Beck; likely taken in Montana. Photograph from my personal collection; my cousin,
Faye (Muir) West has an identical copy of this photograph
Robert Muir, and according to my Grandmother, his daughter,
Henrietta Muir; taken in Arlington, Virginia, circa 1942. From
my personal collection

Grandma Jennings wrote on the back of his photograph, "Dad and Hen after we moved to Arlington." However, Henrietta Muir would have been in her early 20s and this woman looks older to me. She is also could be my Grandmother's twin. I believe it really is my Grandmother, but do not know how to resolve the conflict of her identification.

'Robert Muir and Sister and Nephew,' personal collection
'Robert Muir and Daughter,' personal collection

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