The electronic book about the descendants of Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir is being published in multiple volumes:

Volume I: Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir through the Descendants of Matthew and Elizabeth (Muir) Cassels
(added 12/1/2014)
In addition to covering the lives of Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir, their children who did not live to adulthood or have proved impossible to trace, the descendants of their eldest known daughter, Elizabeth Muir, who married Matthew Cassels, are included in this volume.

Genealogy Report: Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir (added 12/1/2014)
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Matthew and Elizabeth (Muir) Cassels (updated 13 April 2016)

Volume I Errata:
Brodie, Martha (1881-1957) came to Canada in 1912 with her four children. She was joining her husband, James Moore, who had immigrated to Canada the previous year. They had a son, Robert Moore, born about 1914 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 1916 four of James and Martha (Brodie) Moore's children lived in the Home for Neglected Children in Harvetta Heights, Calgary East, Alberta, Canada. Those children were: John, Mary, Hannah and Robert Moore. By 1921 Martha had added Lillian as her middle name and was going by Lily. She had married Louis Verral Martin (1889-1958) and they had a daughter named Jean, who was born circa 1917. Her son, John Moore was living with the family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Louis was a house painter. Martha (Brodie) Moore Martin died on 28 July 1957 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lively, James born on 12 August 1896 was sent to England with his two brothers to work. He died between October and December in Blackburn, England. I do not know if he married or had children.

It would be more appropriate to write that John Sneddon Lively died sometime between July and September 1983 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, as the death index of registrations was produced quarterly and does not include a specific date or month of death.

Lively, Marion Sneddon (1905-1982) was the youngest child of James Lively and Elizabeth Brodie Muir. She married David Gibson (1905-unknown). I do not know if they had any children.

Moore, Mary Brodie (1905-1986) married Collan Grey Wilson. They had four children though I only know about one son, Gordon Vernon Wilson (1929-1994). He married 1) Bettty Lou Behm about 1948 and 2) Florence Athena Hillberg about 1961.

Muir, James born 2 August 1844 and baptized 20 August 1844 in East Kilbride is an older brother of James Muir born 13 June 1848 and died on 18 March 1926. I assume the first James Muir died some time before the second James Muir (Volume VII) was born. This means Robert and Henrietta (Brown) Muir had 13 known children.

Paterson, Henrietta was the youngest child of Alexander Paterson and Henrietta Cassels Lively. She was born in 1923 and married John Morrison in 1943. They had four children of which three are still living. John Burnside Paterson listed below is Henrietta's older brother.

Paterson, John Burnside (1912-1973) married Annie Fisher Wightman in 1943. She was born in 1920 in Blantyre and died in 1991 in Blantyre. John Burnside Paterson died in 1973 in Blantyre.

Volume II: Descendants of John and Martha (Muir) Riddell
(added 4/27/2015)
This volume includes the descendants of John Riddell (1826-1888) and his wife, Martha Muir (1830-1876).

Genealogy Report: Martha (Muir) Riddell and Her Descendants (updated 13 April 2016)
Genealogy Report: Agnes Riddell (McCormick) Douglas and Her Descendants (updated 13 April 2016)

Volume II Errata
Douglas, Agnes McCormick born 2 April 1923 in the Milton District of Glasgow, to John and Agnes Riddell (McCormick) Douglas. She was their nine and youngest child and went by "Nancy." She never married and died on 11 February 2003 at the Morningside Nursing Home of chronic myocardial degeneration. A photograph of Agnes in uniform during World War II is included.

In the article about the Clydebank Blitz, I referred to my first cousin three times removed, son of John and Martha (Muir) Riddell as Thomas Muir. His was Thomas Riddell (1868-1957).

Volume III: Descendants of Robert Orr Muir, Jane Paton (Loudon) Muir, and Mary Watson (Shaw) Muir
This volume includes the descendants of Robert Orr Muir (1839-1917) and his wives, Jane Paton Loudon (1841-1869) and Mary Watson Shaw (1846-1918).

Genealogy Report: Robert Orr Muir and His Descendants
Genealogy Report: Mary Watson (Shaw) Muir and Her Descendants

Volume IV: Descendants of James and Henrietta (Muir) Williamson
This volume includes the descendants of James Williamson (1840-1919) and his wife, Henrietta Muir (1841-1929). The family immigrated to Australia in 1885.

Genealogy Report: Henrietta (Muir) Williamson and Her Descendants

Volume V: Descendants of Thomas Muir, Janet (Sorbie) Muir, and Isabella (Moore) Muir
This volume includes the descendants of Thomas Muir (1842-1901) and his wives, Janet Sorbie (1844-1870) and Isabella Moore (1847-1894).

Genealogy Report: Thomas Muir and His Descendants

Volume VI: Descendants of John and Lilias (Weir) Muir
This volume includes the descendants of John Muir (1846-1923) and his wife, Lilias Weir (1846-1925).

Genealogy Report: John Muir and His Descendants

Volume VII: Descendants of James Muir, Margaret (Semple) Muir, and Margaret (McIntosh) Greenbank
This volume includes the descendants of James Muir (1848-1926) and his wives, Margaret Semple (1850-1920) and Margaret (McIntosh) Greenbank (1852-1936).

Genealogy Report: James Muir and His Descendants (added 4/13/2016)
Genealogy Report: Janet (Semple) Hutchison and Her Descendants (added 4/12/2016)

Volume VIII: Descendants of Nathaniel Muir, Janet (Shaw) Muir, and Christina (Ure) Stevenson
This volume includes the descendants of Nathaniel Muir (1850-1923) and his wives, Janet Shaw (1852-1897) and Christina (Ure) Stevenson (1856-1933).

Genealogy Report: Nathaniel Muir and His Descendants

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