Links to sources used to research specific people, places and events contained each volume of the Descendants of Robert Muir follow. They are primarily database records, documents, maps, images and photographs and ephemera from my personal collection.

Sources for Volume I: Descendants of Robert Muir and his wife, Henrietta Brown, and their daughter Elizabeth (Muir) Cassels (c1829-1863) and her husband, Matthew Cassels

Sources for Volume II: Descendants of Martha Muir (1830-1876) and her husband, John Riddell

The following are sources of a more general nature that I used in my research about the family.


Anonymous. Biographical and Historical Record of Wayne and Appanoose Counties, Iowa, (Chicago:Inter-State Publishing Co., 1886)
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A History of the Scottish People: Health in Scotland, 1840-1940, W. W. Knox
A Scottish Congregationalism, Alan Paterson
A Brief History of the Brethren, Grace Magazine, Dr. Tim Grass, Spring 2008,
Alice (Muir) Jennings Genealogy Notebook, pages 1-39, personal collection
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The Control of Tuberculosis in Scotland, The Scottish Office Department of Health, 1998
The People of the Powder Mill, Kennedy McConnell, undated
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Internet Forums

5 (R) Highland Light Infantry thread, Great War Forum
Glasgow Guide Discussion Board, Glasgow Guide
TalkingScot Forum, TalkingScot
Urban Glasgow


Jennings, Marvin Edward, Jr. Interview by Schalene (Jennings) Dagutis, 3 November 2014. Print


Dalserf Parish Church Monumental Inscriptions. Lanarkshire Family History Society, copyright 2004.
Exploring Central Montana's Past: Missouri Breaks Historical Homestead Tour, (Lewiston: MT, Bureau of Land Management, pages 1-32
From Camp Funston to the Rhineland with the 314th Engineers: 89th Division, Army of the United States, 1917-1919, (Trier, Germany, 89th Division, 1919), 8 pages

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