Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thelma's Memories of Her Brother, John

From Homestead Shacks over Buffalo Tracks, published by the Roy History Committee, as written by Thelma Christena (Beck) Erickson:

John was stricken with cancer and died 18 March 1984 at Harve, Montana, where he was buried in the Veterans' section with military honors. John went into the service on 27 June 1942 and went overseas in August 1943. He received an honorable discharge on 27 September 1945, after serving in the south Pacific zone in a medical unit as a a mechanic sergeant. He helped carry out some of our missionaries that were held in the Philippines near Luzon.[1]

John married Lillian A. Akerlund of Malta, Montana, and six children were born to them: Connie Rae, 8 October 1943--12 March 1956; Vernon, 11 April 1947; Vicki Lynn, 27 September 1948; Neil Rowland, 9 January 1950; Beverly Ann, 9 February 1951; and Patti Lee, 25 October 1952.

In 1946 John opened a garage in Havre. He had the American Motors dealership and was a successful manager of this garage for 38 years. His brother-in-law and son, Neil, were his partners in the Beck & Akerlund Garage. John had a natural knack for owrking on motors and cars were his great love and making them run gave him pleasure. His wife, son, and brother-in-law have continued to operate the garage since his death.

[1] This was likely the Raid at Los Banos.

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