Thursday, October 15, 2015

Photographs of Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr.

These photographs of my grandfather, Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., are from my personal collection.

Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., at his fishing shack on Carr's Creek in
Maryland; personal collection

I love the above photograph. Grandpa loved to fish! He and my grandmother bought a 4-room shack on Carr's Creek, a tidal creek near the Chesapeake Bay in Deale Beach, Maryland, shortly before his death. My Dad is the person in the background with a pipe in his mouth. He was building a bulkhead or seawall for his parents.

Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., at a restaurant in Maryland; likely the family
had been out on Dad's boat earlier in the day; personal collection

Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., after work; personal collection

This photograph is another favorite. He looks so relaxed and happy.

'Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., after work,' personal collection
'Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., at a restaurant,' personal collection
'Marvin Edward Jennings, Sr., on Carr's Creek,' personal collection

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