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Form of Application and Cover Letter

Orphanage application cover letter, page 1, from half-brother, Daniel Jennings; personal

Orphanage application cover letter, page 2, from half-brother, Daniel Jennings; personal

Aug. 9, 1911

Prof. J. T. Crabtree, Sup.,
Lutheran Orphanage
Salem, Va.

Dear Sir:

Referring to conversation had with you on last Monday concerning the admission of my brother into your institute, beg to enclose herewith formal application, his Father being well pleased with conditions under which he will be admitted, provided, of course, your Board of Trustees consider the application favorably.

Concerning Marin, would say his is of amiable disposition, easily controlled and a bright and studious child. He has been attending the Roanoke public school since old enough, and has successfully passed all examinations which places him in the second "A", Primary grade at the beginning of next school term.

You will note from application sheet that he has had most of the diseases of children, but his general health is good; his slight lameness is not a deformity, but due to effect of measles which he had when quite a small child.

He has one own brother and sister who are "minors." His brother, Leo, resides with a half-sister in Tennessee, the sister with her Aunt, Mrs. Mays, Roanoke. He has three half brothers residing in Roanoke, one half-sister residing in Roanoke, and one half-sister, above mentioned, residing in Erwin, Tenn.

His father is 68 years of age, has fairly good health and was for many years engaged in the mercantile business in Roanoke, but for the past four or five years has been a building contractor.

You will also find enclosed herewith letter addressed to you from Hon. H. E. Trout concerning the application.

The writer is especially anxious that the child be placed under your care, and sincerely trusts that the matter may receive favorable consideration by your Board of Trustees.

Yours very truly,

D. M. Jennings

Orphanage application signed by my great grandfather; personal collection


We the undersigned, and Council of _______________ Church hereby make application for the admission into the Lutheran Orphan Home, at Salem Va. For the information of the Board of Trustees, the following particulars are given:
  1. Name of parents: C. E. Jennings and Effie Jennings
  2. Name of guardian: C. E. Jennings
  3. Are both parents dead? No
  4. Were they members of the Lutheran Church? No. Of what other Church! Methodist
  5. Full name of child: Marvin Jennings
  6. Place and date of birth: Roanoke, Va., Nov. 29th, 1901
  7. Present residence of child: Roanoke, Va.
  8. Has child been baptized? No.
  9. Name and address of near relatives. See separate sheet
  10. Has the child any means of support, available now or hereafter? Yes.
  11. Give on separate sheets the age, conditions and occupations of brothers and sisters, if any. Also health and occupation of father or mother, if living, and the financial conditions of parents and near relatives.
  12. Is the child healthy? Yes. Sound in mind? Yes. Sound in body? Yes. Any deformity? No. Subject to fits? No. Any defects in speech? No.
  13. Has the child any scrofulous disease? No. Any hereditary consumption? No. Had measles? Yes. Whooping cough? Yes. Mumps? Yes. Chickenpox? Yes. Smallpox? No. Been vaccinated? No. What other diseases? Mild attack of fever several years ago.
  14. Of what disease did mother die? Heart failure
  15. Who will consign to the Home the legal control of the child? His father, C. E. Jennings. What amount per month will be paid for the support of this child? $8.50.
  16. Has person bother natural and legal right to commit such control? Yes
  17. Name and address of family physician: Mr. I. E. Huff, Roanoke, Va.
  18. Give on another sheet any other information, such as the needs of the child, its disposition, training and education. Also condition of family. We believe this child to be a worthy applicant, and cordially commend _____________ to your favorable consideration, promising in behalf of our congregation to contribute to the support of the Home.
Signed by C. E. Jennings, Father

Lutheran Orphanage Form of Application and Cover Letter

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