Saturday, July 4, 2015

Children of Clovis and Joyce (Hays) Blankenship Jerry Wayne Blankenship (1972-1998)

Jerry Wayne Blankenship was born on 29 November 1972 in Columbus, Ohio, to Clovis and Joyce (Hays) Blankenship. He was their oldest child and only son. In 1996 Jerry lived at 1972 Reese Avenue in Columbus. He died two years later on 20 August 1998. He died in a hospital of injuries but the death index does not provide any other more specific information. He had never been married and was a roofer in the construction industry. He was buried at the Obetz Cemetery in Obetz, Ohio. Linda Blankenship (1982- )

Linda Blankenship was born on 23 September 1982. She has two sons. Corey Gabriel was born on 7 March 2001. His father is Michael Gabriel. Her youngest son, is Mason Thomas, who was born on 27 March 2007. His father is John Thomas. Amanda Blankenship (unknown- )

I do not know anything about Amanda except for the information her sister as graciously provided. Amanda was born on 3 April, but I do not know the year of her birth. She is married to Levi Corney and they have one son, Ashton Corney.

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