Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Wanda Sue Nehlig (1963- )

Wanda Sue Nehlig was born on 8 September 1963 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Ray Emile and Barbara Jean (Muir) Nehlig. She was their oldest daughter together and Barbara Jean's fifth child.

At the age of 17 she had a daughter, Vivian Celina Nehlig on 7 August 1980 in New Orleans. Vivian's father was James Gonzales, Sr. After her mother married, she became known as Vivian Celina Nunnery.

On 28 November 1981, Wanda Sue married Reginald Layton Nunnery in St. Bernard Parish. They had a son, Quinten Emile Nunnery, in 1984, and in 1987, her husband, Reginald Nunnery was killed in an automobile accident.

Wanda Sue next married David John Clark on 7 November 1992 in Ovett, Mississippi. They had a son, David Ray Clark, previous to their marriage in 1991. Wanda Sue and David Clark divorced on 9 July 1997.

She next married David Franklin Morrow on 5 June 2004 in Runnelstown, Mississippi, they have two sons, Christopher Alan and Jonathan Daryl Morrow.

Email messages from Wanda Sue Morrow
Telephone conversations with Wanda Sue Morrow
US, Public Records Index, Volume 2, 1935-1993 Wanda M. Nunnery (Violet, LA)
US, Public Records Index, Volume 2, 1935-1993 Wanda Nunnery (St. Bernard, LA)

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