Saturday, May 16, 2015 Kathy Ann Sauerwein (1950- )

Kathy Ann Sauerwein was born on 9 April 1950 to John Otto and Rachel Ilene (Hutchison) Sauerwein. I do not know where she was born only that her parents lived in Iowa City, Iowa in 1951.

In 1965 the family was living in Jacksonville, Illinois, and Kathy Ann was a freshman at Jacksonville High School. She was also a member of the variety marching band. Her 1968 senior yearbook, The Crimson J, survives. Kathy Ann graduated cum honore, was a member of the orchestra and marching band, the chaplain of the National Honor Society, staff member of the Herald and Inkblot, in the cast of the senior play, won a John Phillip Souza award, chosen to play in a band on the European trip sponsored by Illinois Music Educators' Association, the recipient of an Illinois state scholarship and a Baptist scholarship, and was awarded two scholarships to MacMurray College -- one music and one scholastic  -- and planned to major in music.

Kathy Ann Sauerwein's senior class photograph; courtesy of The
Crimson J

By 1985, the year of her father's death, Kathy Ann, had married Joseph Clyde Northen, who was a Baptist minister. The couple lived at 1238 Belvedere Drive in Charleston, South Carolina, and had a son. In 1993 the family lived in Danville, Virginia, and two years later Kathy Ann's mother died in Danville.

In Danville Kathy Ann was the organist and pianist for the First Baptist Church of Danville. As late as 2013, Kathy Ann (Sauerwein) Northen and her husband were still living in Danville.

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