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Children of Peter Semple Muir and Mayme Zebio Irene Muir (1909-1909)

The only evidence I have that Irene Muir existed is Grandma Jennings' genealogy notebook. In it she recorded Irene's date of birth as 3 August 1909 and her death simply as 1909. She was the eldest child of Peter Semple Muir and Mayme Zebio. Peter and Mayme moved to Iowa soon after their marriage. Iowa had been recording death information in county coroner's reports since the 1850s. However, the collection of available reports is in no way complete. It is also possible Irene was born before the move to Iowa. Ralph James Muir (1910-1910)

Ralph James Muir was born in Iowa, likely Ottumwa where his parents were recorded in the 1910 census, to Peter Semple Muir and Mayme Zebio. He died on 11 Aug 1910 in Mystic, Iowa, where his parents moved and Peter Semple Muir's father lived with his second wife. Ralph's father worked as a coal miner at the time his death was recorded. Arthur Louis Muir (1912-2006)

The lives of Arthur Louis Muir and his wife, Bernice "Bessie" Onlee Sherman, will be covered in future posts. Pearl Ivy Muir (1914-1922)

Pearl Ivy Muir was born on 16 June 1914 in Mystic, Iowa, to Peter Semple Muir and Mayme Zebio. Her father worked as a coal miner. By 1917, the family had moved to Dearborn, Michigan. In February 1922, Pearl came down with diphtheria and died at home around 9:00 a.m. on 12 February. She was 7 years old.

She was interred at Northview Cemetery in Dearborn but her grave is unmarked. Harold Muir (1917-2003)

The lives of Harold Muir and his wives, Marian Ruth Ternes and Emma E. Martin, will be covered in future posts. Elizabeth Muir (1921-2009)

The lives of Elizabeth "Betty" Muir and her husbands, Andy S. Telek and Mr. Easton, will be covered in future posts. Bernice Marie Muir (1923-2013)

The lives of Bernice "Bea" Marie Muir and her husband, Alexander Francis Samas, will be covered in future posts. Margaret Muir (1925-2007)

The lives of Margaret Muir and her husbands, Herbert Ralph Fortgang and Alvin Rose, will be covered in future posts. Kathryn Mayme Muir (1930-2014)

The lives of Kathryn "Kay" Mayme Muir and her husband, Wilber Walker Hoyt, will be covered in future posts.

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